Company Profile

SLIDERS is a leading manufacturer of modular kitchen kitchens . The company has high degree of competence to deliver goods that satisfied all aspects such as design sense, user friendliness, durability and accuracy to its customers.
SLIDERS has many first to its account during its journey of design development as per customer specific requirements and the challenges met due to high demands and space Constraints. The company has well trained people at all steps from drawing board stage , preordering,execution and after sale services.Each one manages his job under a set of standard rules. Urban modular kitchens provide the much needed spectrum of choice to its customer for highest aesthetic remblance.The shutters have a wide variety of colour,texture and materials to choose from the following.
Kitchen Accessories
Single Wall Kithen
L Shaped Kitchen
U Shaped Kitchen
Parallel Shaped Kitchen
G shaped Kitchen

Our Team

Our is a team of quality controllers, technical experts, R&D professionals, design engineers, in-house industry experts and warehousing professionals.
Each of the team members has a vast and practical experience, coupled with rich knowledge of the industry. They are highly adept at conjuring innovative solutions to provide the best possible customization of our products to the clients. The team works in close coordination and understands the clients' requirements. We believe that our team is the backbone for the growth and prosperity of our organization.